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CISM is short for CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT, a method developed by the American ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. to support rescue teams after critical incidents. …

The United Nations has formally approved its method and implements it when handling such incidents.

The characteristics of a critical incident are revealed when the life and / or physical safety of a crew member or a close person is, or appears to be, threatened. The individual perception of the incident is more significant than the actual result of the incident. A critical incident usually occurs unexpectedly and often confronts the affected person with feelings of helplessness.

The usual reasons to call the CISM-based program are those experiences lived as medical emergencies on board, accidents, conflicting passengers, smoke and fire, problems due to severe weather conditions, emotional pressure due to emergency landings and any other personal situation that causes significant mental anguish.

The different strategies used in CISM are: Training Briefing Individual interview (SAFER-R), in person or by phone Debriefing CMB-Crisis Management Report Demobilization CIS-Debriefing Derivation

The CISM program supports healthy people, who have normal, but not anticipated, responses to an incident that is not normal. As interested people show normal reactions from a healthy person, no diagnosis of any disease is required. However, it may make sense to take a short break before the next flight to allow reactions to a stressful situation that is affecting you to dissipate. At the request of the interested person, the clinical director of the program can recommend this to the company through the corresponding SMS.

The program can never unsubscribe a pilot.

CISM teams or Pilots Support Programs are established throughout the world, forming an extensive international network. Nationally, such teams may be known by other names, the CISM teams of other airlines and / or their unions: Stifftung Mayday, PAN, Pilots 4 Pilots …