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What is Papi?

PAPI (Pilot Support Program) is a network of volunteer pilots (PEERS) trained in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) methodology to support those colleagues who face work or non-work problems of a personal or emotional nature. PAPI helps pilots cope better with events that could alter their mental well-being.

PAPI provides a unique opportunity to discuss personal matters with someone who can offer active and empathetic, confidential and independent listening.

As it is a peer support service, the goal is to help you make decisions and take steps to solve a particular problem.

PEERS are not qualified to decide if you are fit to fly. Even after talking with them, that decision remains your responsibility. However, as PEERs can help you solve it yourself and / or discover your options and the best way. Its function is to support you not only to make a decision, but they will also be at your disposal to follow up on any decision you make.

PEERS (partners) come from all groups of pilots and types of aircraft. They are committed to fully support the well-being of our partners. These volunteers listen and offer guidance confidentially and without prejudice. They will be willing to offer information on other more specific assistance programs and specialized professional assistance.

PEERS have demonstrated compliance with the following skills;

• Active listening
• EmpathyAbility to recognize and cope with one’s stress
• Communication skills to start and lead a supportive conversation
• Skill to facilitate verbal expression and the story of events
• Capacity for comfort and peer support
• Cooperation and capacity for teamwork
• Ability to facilitate emotional expression
• Ability to communicate to the program’s mental health professional, if necessary, the symptoms, manifestations or behaviors that the flight crew member has.
• Provide a confidential contact reference.
• Generates a climate of trust and acceptance.

We thank you for talking with your classmates about PAPI, and for calling us when you need it.