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The Spanish Association of Commercial Airline Pilots in collaboration with the Spanish Airline Pilots Union (SEPLA) have deemed it appropriate to join forces and work together in the development of a Pilot Support Programme, through which a pilot can receive private and confidential help to deal with issues related to their emotional wellbeing. The confidentiality of the process is absolute, except in certain circumstances clearly defined in standard medical practice, and is based fundamentally on the figure of the peer, airline pilots who are trained in psychological first aid skills that can help a pilot to manage his or her problems.

The reference values of this programme will be proactivity, confidentiality and the protection of user data, in order to guarantee the levels of trust necessary for the proper development and operation of the programme, making these values compatible with the detection and resolution of problems screened in the interests of safety.

Due to the alert situation in which we find ourselves now more than ever, we want to make this service available to you.

It is very simple: click on contact and fill in the form, or call +34 649092801 and a colleague will take note of your details. A peer will contact you as soon as possible and in the first conversation with the Peer we will establish the best way to help you; either supporting you directly or directing you to the most appropriate person.