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User details are strictly confidential and protected in the same way that medical records would be protected.

We take your confidentiality very seriously.

However, if you tell us something that triggers a demonstrable alert that seriously affects your safety or that of any other person, as in other healthcare settings, we are ethically and legally obligated to waive your confidentiality.

In this extreme case, your PEER will follow an established protocol to contact the clinical director and decide together the most appropriate course of action.

The measures taken to protect your confidentiality are the following:
All volunteers sign a code of ethical conduct, as well as a confidentiality agreement and have received adequate training to respect, understand and protect your confidentiality.

If you find a PEER that you recognize in a work environment, you will greet each other as always among colleagues. Reference to what has been treated by that person will be avoided.

It would not be advisable to discuss anything about your situation in this environment. This is because we want to respect your privacy and its limits; others may be listening and as we would both be working would be an inappropriate scenario to discuss these issues.

PEERs, like you, can contact the SMS representative or a representative of the corresponding union section. They will never talk about a particular person or provide details that facilitate the identification of a pilot.